Venice luxury wedding – Pisani Moretta Palace


Have you ever thought about the glorious past of Venice, made of rich decorations, beautiful elegant dresses and splendid palaces on the placid waters of the Grand Canal? This Venice luxury wedding embodies a bit of all this….

As well as every love story in Venice brings with it all the love stories that its walls, bridges and narrow streets have seen, making it timeless and unique.

After a Christmas proposal this couple went to Venice, in homage to the bride’s country, to find the right frame for a wedding that was as personal as it was lovely. They wanted to showcase the things that they both love about the city: the elegant charm of the noble palaces on the Grand Canal, the precious intimacy of its majestic churches, the Italian hospitality and the ability to be effortlessly chic, with a classical refinement. Excellent food and good wine were their main priorities for the wedding reception while the delicate shades of roses and the warm tones of gold outlined the wedding color scheme. The elegant details of this Venice luxury wedding waited only to be captured in the beautiful photos of the incomparable Morlotti Studio.


It is sometimes not easy to combine different cultures, especially in a Venice luxury wedding with more than 200 guests.

The challenge was to make everyone feel at ease and make their stay in Venice as comfortable as possible; Venice, although extraordinary, is still a city unique in the world with some peculiarities rather singular. In Venice you have to let your time be marked by the slow movement of a boat flowing along the canals and this is something that clearly distinguishes it from the frenzy of contemporary cities.

In the early afternoon of a warm October start day, two boats took the guests near the beautiful church. On the small quite square with its stone well, so typical in the neighborhoods of the city, the imposing baroque white marble façade of the church appeared almost surprising in all its magnificence. But even more surprising was the contrast of the algid facade with the richness of the decorations inside; and in this Venice is great, hiding the most unthinkable treasures in the most anonymous streets.

Inside, the decoration in white and green marble, which forms a sort of draping of great originality and richness, is really surprising.

Above this, the ceilings are richly decorated with frescoes representing scenes of glory with musical angels while the presbytery is surrounded by statues of cherubs, angels and archangels.

In this precious frame the elegant and involving ceremony took place accompanied by the music of a string quartet.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds were greeted by their guests in the adjacent cloister before to experience a private gondola ride; they wanted to take some time for themselves talking about their feelings and their new adventure together, before start celebrating with their guests.


When with the gondola the couple reached the sumptuous palace on the Gran Canal where the reception took place, the guests had already discovered the elegant hall at the ground floor and the inner courtyard hidden between the ancient walls.

After a rich aperitif with fresh raw fish and other local delicacies the bride and the groom with their guests moved up the elegant marble staircase to the first floor for the dinner.

The old wooden doors opened onto the room decorated with ancient mirrors and paintings illuminated by unique and priceless chandeliers with candles. This is the only palace in Venice that is still lit with candles as in the 1700s, can you imagine a more enchanting atmosphere for a Venice luxury wedding?

Hundreds of candles in Murano glass candleholders with gold reflections embellished also the long imperial tables; a Venice luxury wedding cannot ignore the centuries-old Venetian tradition of the production of precious glass. A myriad of roses in the most delicate shades scented the luxurious rooms of a delicate and persistent fragrance.

We couldn’t think of anything more perfect for a Venice luxury wedding of precious glass, antique mirrors and delicate perfumed flowers, all illuminated by the warm light of a thousand candles.

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Planning and Design, Style A Wedding

Photography, Morlotti Studio Padova 

Florals, Munaretto flowers 

Lighting, Rava Service

Catering, Santi Group

Furnishing, Rent

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