Venetian Luxury


When Angelica and Nicolas chose Venice for their destination wedding in Italy, we were thrilled that the very first request was for an elegant yet statement décor.

The church we suggested for their catholic ceremony in Venice is one of the many jewels that this beautiful city hides. It is impressive but intimate at the same time and is notable for its richly decorated walls and ancient marble floor. As wedding reception venue they chose one of the most impressive palace on Grand Canal, Pisani Moretta; this is an ancient renowned palace facing the canal, a gem in the very heart of Venice.

The goal was then to transform its large empty halls into an elegant living room on the water with furniture in velvet and gold details equal to the splendour of the venue.

About the charming room at the first floor we wanted to turn it in a romantic dining room lit by myriad of candles in Murano glass candlesticks and invaded by the intense scent of garden roses. The long banquet tables were completed by an elegant handcrafted stationery with golden silk tassels to further embellish the sprawl of roses and glasses.

The color scheme was then ivory, pink and GOLD obviously!

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Color palette: Gold, Candy, Quartz, Ivory

Venetian Luxury Wedding


Photography: Morlotti Studio Padova

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