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Unconventional Wedding Venice

If you are one of those brides who doesn’t want a traditional wedding venue you can always source out unconventional venues such as private villas or farms or gardens to rent exclusively. These options are usually the best if you really want to customize your wedding to your tastes creating your unique and personal celebration.
Venice is arguably one of the most romantic cities on Earth as well as one of the most unique and interesting destinations in all of Italy. Bring your loved ones together in this city of romance for your wedding in Italy and Love will surely “be in the air.”

country Wedding Venice

country Wedding Venice Aperitif

If you always dreaming of a wedding in Venice but now you think that taking a private gondola ride through its canals and stroll arm in arm through the beautiful piazzas is not your style, you could be happy to discover that this is not the only way to take in the rich culture that still exists today, and glamorous palaces are just one of many faces that Venice offers.

This unique and timeless city can offer a great alternative to an elegant and formal destination wedding. So if you want your wedding to feel personal and unique and to be focused on things you love, as music, food, wine and your loved ones, if you want it to be intimate, so that your guests feel like participants not observers…please have a look at this unconventional and funny wedding in Venice.

The setting is a private island on the Venetian lagoon, a sort of wide garden on the sea. It’s a beautiful location with a definite emotional appeal. The theme — I guess we’d call it rustic garden party — evolved from the same location. Starting with a few key design elements that fit with an unconventional outdoor setting like this is a must: to emphasize the grandeur of the spaces and their naturally bare charm, nothing best of simple large baskets filled with baby’s breath and cones of leaves with simple white daisies along the aisle.

Out door wedding Venice

The lounge areas on the lawn were adorned with many colourful pillows in floral and geometric prints on the rustic wooden pallets, with wooden boxes with aromatic plants and white lanterns all around;

Some small wooden stalls turned into corners of Venetian food make the feeling of a local traditional Italian market.

Other than that you don’t need too much more in terms of decoration since the nature is the real star!

At night you may enjoy your private party looking at the breathtaking backdrop of Venice with its skyline where the silhouette of the bell tower of St. Mark stands out in all its pride!

Night landscape Wedding

Night wedding party in venice

Contact us to discover as the small islands around Venice can make your dream of a country unconventional wedding in Venice a lovely reality!

Venice and Italy offer more than you can imagine for your destination wedding.


Captured by Edgard De Bono – Morlotti Studio Venice




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