A Sunny Lemon-Themed Garda Island Wedding



I won’t be the only one singing the famous “Lemon Tree” after you see these pictures and get transported instantly to Lake Garda in all sense of the word  Can’t you just smell the lemons aroma and fall in love with this lemon-themed Garda Island Wedding? 

♫ ♫ “I wonder how

I wonder why

Yesterday you told me ’bout the blue blue sky

And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon-tree…”   ♫ ♫

…this really seems to be the perfect sound track!

There are some really sweet and personalized details that you all will fall in love with. But most of all, this wedding just looks like a lot of fun and has that effortlessly chic and relaxed vibe that comes from a happy and multi-cultural group of people.

In just a couple of months I met Jing and Sohan and we started planning this lovely lemon-themed Garda Island Wedding.

The inspiration came from the incredibly sunny and lush shores of Garda Lake. From the mountain slopes facing the blue waters to the abundance of lemons groves, there’s so much character in these tiny lake villages. We had just to match this with Jing’s love for white and blue chinaware!

One of our first goals is always to start from the couple criteria and desires and match them with the traditions and features of the selected wedding venue to make the event a fun and involving tailored Italian experience also highlighting the charming surrounding atmosphere.

Working on Jing’s passions and ideas and on the colored and flavored local lemons we crafted a wedding that was at once classic and playful. The bold colors of the lemons were highlighted by blue and white chinaware, as we played bringing around the same white and blue pattern, from the sofas pillows to the dishes set for the aperitif, adding a touch of gold for an elegant mise en place.

And of course we put lemons everywhere for a gorgeous lemon themed Garda Island Wedding.

A Garda Lake corner’s called “Riviera dei Limoni” 

The shores of the lake in front of Garda Island are famous for their characteristic villages and purely Mediterranean vegetation and for the surrounding upland areas and breathtaking scenarios.

These shores of great naturalistic and aesthetic value still offer visitors examples of the unique architectural structures of this area: the lemon gardens. The greenhouses, built in the XVIII century for growing lemons, have shaped this side of Lake Garda economy as well as its appearance.

They made it possible to cultivate citrus and lemons at this latitude (the northernmost in the world) and exporting them all over Europe, even to Russia.

These charming Lemon Gardens are made of white stone pillars and walls clung to the mountains that support glass windows in order to protect the valuable plantation against possible intense winter cold.

Even today they strongly characterize the coast overlooking the gulf and Garda Island, so can you imagine something fitting more than lemons for a Garda Island Wedding theme?

Everyone will agree with me if I say that Italy is a country that offers an unrivalled beauty for a wedding celebration but the added value we put in every wedding we plan is that we work to give to each event a personal style and touch, making the place even more beautiful and filled with personalized and unique details.

I think that the style of this lemon-themed Garda Island wedding has that lovely, warm, soft and authentic mood that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Details from a Lemon-Themed Garda Island wedding

Bridesmaids on the groom’s side were wearing long blue dresses, while a light blue lace gowns was chosen for the bride’s side; for all of them we designed a very special bouquet made up of a branch of vine decorated by lemons, similar to the bride’s one, that made her entrance in her elegant and sophisticated J. Mendel wedding dress and Jimmy Choo satin shoes.

The meaningful ceremony enriched by Indian and Chinese traditions took place in the terrace overlooking the lake; it was the perfect setting for a sunny day on the lake, with elegant chairs in bleached wood and white fabric drapes overshadowing the lane marked by lemon trees in white and blue pots.

Personalized fan programs and water bottles offered a nice welcome respite for the guests.

After the aperitif in the Italian garden Jing and Sohan and their guests reached the magnificent loggia for the candlelight dinner.

The setting was absolutely beautiful, romantic and fascinating, framed by lemon trees all around to enhance the chic accent of the Loggia; the frescoed ceiling was lighted by the warmth of candelabras decorated by lemons on the tables and candles hanging from the loggia bars.

It was an elegant but fun and laid-back reception, where Jing and Sohan’s friends and family could relax and have a good time together.

The party after dinner went on until late at night but, as you can imagine, who would want to end a so spectacular day?

I knew from the beginning that this should be a must-share experience and who knows?! Hopefully this beautiful lemon-themed Garda Island Wedding will inspire you!

garda-island-wedding-italy_2 https://www.styleweddingitaly.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Garda-Island-Wedding-Italy_3.jpg garda-island-wedding-italy_4 garda-island-wedding-italy_5 garda-island-wedding-italy_6 garda-island-wedding-italy_7 garda-island-wedding-italy_8 garda-island-wedding-italy_9 garda-island-wedding-italy_10  garda-island-wedding-italy_12 garda-island-wedding-italy_13 garda-island-wedding-italy_14 garda-island-wedding-italy_15 garda-island-wedding-italy_16 garda-island-wedding-italy_17 garda-island-wedding-italy_18 garda-island-wedding-italy_19 garda-island-wedding-italy_20 garda-island-wedding-italy_21 garda-island-wedding-italy_22 garda-island-wedding-italy_23 garda-island-wedding-italy_24 garda-island-wedding-italy_25 garda-island-wedding-italy_26 garda-island-wedding-italy_27 garda-island-wedding-italy_28 garda-island-wedding-italy_29 garda-island-wedding-italy_30 garda-island-wedding-italy_31 garda-island-wedding-italy_32 garda-island-wedding-italy_33 garda-island-wedding-italy_34 garda-island-wedding-italy_35 garda-island-wedding-italy_36 garda-island-wedding-italy_37 garda-island-wedding-italy_38 garda-island-wedding-italy_39 garda-island-wedding-italy_40 garda-island-wedding-italy_42 garda-island-wedding-italy_43 garda-island-wedding-italy_41 garda-island-wedding-italy_44 garda-island-wedding-italy_45 garda-island-wedding-italy_46 garda-island-wedding-italy_47 garda-island-wedding-italy_48 garda-island-wedding-italy_49 garda-island-wedding-italy_50 garda-island-wedding-italy_51 garda-island-wedding-italy_52  garda-island-wedding-italy_54 garda-island-wedding-italy_55


Photographer – Sara and Edgard Morlotti Studio Padova
Video Production – Nou Studio 
Venue –  Garda Island – Lake Garda, Italy
Wedding Dress – J. Mendel 

Shoes Designer – Jimmy Choo

Groom’s attire: Tailor made

Flower decorations – Fiore all’occhiello

Music and Lighting service – GP Events

Catering – La Fenice

  • Zoe Chin

    October 14, 2016 at 1:46 pm Reply

    Beautiful! Congratulations to you Jin Yin. May God bless you both many loving and sweet years ahead!

    • angela

      October 21, 2016 at 7:56 am Reply

      Thanks Zoe for visiting our Blog. Our best wishes again to Jing and Sohan.

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