Every new project starts with a detail, a colour, a particularly meaningful object; every wedding tells one story and one story only of two personalities who share a journey. From your personalities, your styles, your passions, Style A Wedding gets ideas to begin to define the first traits of that which harmonizes into an overall composition which speaks of you.

Our Stylish Service will make your wedding unique and rich in personalized details; supported by our Coordination Service (linkabile) and by top professionals in the wedding sector. Our team will accompany you with sketches, pictures and suggestions to achieve an event totally designed around you. After having identified the mood you want for your wedding and the colour palette that expresses it best every single detail will build up harmoniously to relate your wedding.


The Floral Design is one of the starting blocks to create a refined and elegant event.


Style A Wedding makes use of experts who create exclusive and personalized plans for you in every little but essential detail; starting from your tastes and expectations for the wedding the Floral Designer will build up, through drawings and sketches, a project which will be perfectly reflected throughout the event, transforming  spaces and creating the unique atmosphere of your wedding.


Our Floral Designers’ creativity and passion will give life to the most refined and surprising scenery for your wedding, taking your preferences, budget, colour scheme and chosen style into account. In perfect symphony with the location of your wedding, the floral decorations will be able to extol it drawing inspiration from history, tradition and the charm that every spot radiates.


Let yourself be amazed and trust the passion for a delicate and sublime profession which can create perfect harmony through attention to detail.


Lighting is a very important element which contributes to creating atmosphere and it emphasizes every detail of your wedding reception.


Do not forget to allow a part of your budget for lighting. What is the sense of paying attention to every detail if after your guests are not able to see and appreciate them?


Our Light Designers will be able to suggest decorations which are best suited the wedding venue you have chosen. Artfully modeled lighting creates surprising scenery where candles, lighted trails, light games and chromatic effects add a sign of style to your wedding reception.


Table setting is a fun and significant part of the decorations for a wedding and should always reflect the chosen style and theme.


The Style A Wedding team will study the most original and refined solution to personalize your table, coordinating the floral decorations and the other details of the wedding.

Classic and sophisticated or more fun and creative, the important thing is that there is a continuous thread faithful to the palette and style chosen.


Every location and style calls for a particular type of table: whether the table is round, rectangular or long suggestive “imperial” Style A Wedding will create a personalized style that speaks of you.


The cake is the protagonist of one of the main moments of your wedding day. As well as the taste an important part is played by the shape, the design and refined decoration in line with the theme of the wedding. The traditional Italian wedding cake is one tier with fruit or chocolate and cream or a Mille-feuille.

By now the art of Cake Design and American style cakes of many tiers is widespread in Italy.

The cake is made of sponge filled with custard and fruit or chocolate, sometimes the sponge is left bare or covered with icing or sugar paste.

Hand painted, with polka dots, stripes or decorated with ribbons or flowers, the  master confectioners and cake designers we have selected over time know how to transform our sketches, created for you  in the style of the wedding, into sweet and refined reality.

We suggest you accompany your wedding cake with an always well accepted  sweet buffet. Macarons, delicious mini portions, cakepops and assorted sweet pastries or even jam tartlets, home made cakes, biscuits and sugar coated almonds for more traditional flavours; this sweet buffet will also match the theme and style of your wedding for a sweet end to the feast.


In Italy it is traditional to present a small gift to the guests before the end of the feast to thank them and to leave a memory of that special day. Usually it is a small packet containing five sugar coated almonds which symbolize health, happiness, fertility, long life and wealth.

Added to this, in general, when a wedding is held abroad a welcome gift is traditional to thank the guests for participating.

Sometimes these gifts are given at the beginning of the reception or found directly in the hotel in the guests room on their arrival.

To welcome your guests to Italy and give them a taster of Italian flavours and smells food, wines and local specialties are much appreciated.

Whatever you choose, Style A Wedding will be able to suggest a selection of elegantly wrapped typical and artisan products which immediately set the scene for your style and Italian excellence.


It’s right to say that the platform of any event are the invitation cards…

Save the Date, invitations, RSVP cards, menus, order of service, thank you cards are some examples of the things you can personalize to give a touch of class to your wedding.

The choice of the paper, the size, typeface all give the sense that small details make the difference; and it is precisely these first details which speak about the style of your wedding to your guests.

Our Graphic Designers will work out a single and personalized style for you to match the chosen style for the wedding and your taste. There are infinite solutions and careful professional advice can guide you to find the unique and refined style which talks about you.


Among all the choices to be made and the decisions you need to take it can be difficult to decide where to start. Please contact us to tell your wishes and expectations for your wedding day and just enjoy the emotion of these moments, we’ll do the rest giving each detail a unique touch of style!