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Styling tips: the coolest Dessert Table is total white!

White is the color of snow and the wedding color par excellence! Inspired by the ethereal and beautiful lightness of this color and by the snowflakes that are dropping on Italy in these days, we want to suggest a cue to give a touch of personality and style to your wedding: a total white dessert table!
The cake arrives at the end of the reception, but it doesn’t have to end at the bottom of your list of things to think about when planning a wedding! Especially because the dessert table usually ends up being the most popular place of the evening (apart from the open bar, of course!).

The possibilities in styling and flavors are endless and allow you to create something new and surprising through the variety of layers, heights and flavors. And if the color remains the same choosing a total white dessert table, you can on the other hand enjoy the richness of textures, shades, and a thousand unexpected details…

Add personality to your wedding

Surely we suggest you enrich them with sweets and cakes that refer to the traditional flavors of the place that hosts your wedding (each region has its own specialties) but why not also include those flavors that bring you back to your childhood and your roots to make it even more personal?
And if your couple is made up by people from different countries it would be sooo pretty and meaningful if desserts represent each of your home countries, turning the dessert table into another symbol of your union.

Here some more considerations for which in my opinion a dessert table is a really cool idea!

Why a dessert table

– Mix and enjoy

Mini desserts and single-tier cakes keep a dessert table fun and enjoyable. It makes it especially easier for guests to grab bite-sized morsels and have more fun mixing their desserts each according to his own taste. And while a dessert table can definitely feature the traditional small tarts additions, what about introducing something totally unexpected? mini trifles are the perfect way to incorporate a special treat: doughnuts , cake pops, mini ice-creams, your guests will love this unique spin on a cake.

Pictures from Pinterst

– Taste the local flavours

As a nod to local heritage in a destination wedding in Italy, I definitely suggest a dessert table where guests are free to taste assorted local pastries and cookies. It’s a sweet way to deep in the local culture and mood at your destination wedding!
And the reasons to always create new combinations are not lacking… in one of weddings we recently planned in Sicily the bride was from Switzerland, it was soooo fun to mix the many Sicilian delicacies with a tasting of Swiss chocolate!

Pictures from Pinterst

– Add a touch of elegance!

Who says you can’t still have a gorgeous cake if you’re opting for a dessert table? I love the idea of having it all!
Your stunning wedding cake can absolutely be paired with tiny treats. In my opinion you should never give up your three/four tiers of wedding cake but it would be very fun accompany it by trifles and tarts to satisfy all eyes and mouths. Displaying the smaller treats on mirrored trays and boxes all around your wedding cake will surely give a touch of elegance to your dessert table.

So imagine a table full of delicious and delicate creations in a totally white palette, but that hides a great wealth of flavors… (mascarpone, red fruits, lemon, white chocolate or vanilla, etc. …). Small cakes covered with icing or deliciously stuffed with buttercream, single portions of pannacotta, miniatures of white chocolate mousse, coconut coated truffles, cookies dusted with icing sugar, pyramids of delicious macarons and nougat cubes.

– Small but Mighty

A dessert table can still be absolutely ideal for a smaller wedding. And with that, you may even get to integrate more variety. The idea of incorporating a tall one layered cake with a spread of small desserts on the table below will still creates a striking visual.
Do you like the idea of a rich dessert table but are you afraid that the food goes to waste?
Imagine these delicacies not only as a “sweet ending” to your celebration but also as party favors, with boxes for guests to take them home. Boxes can be personalized with messages from the couple, custom stickers, and stamps!

After all this considerations, here the most important: it is necessary to rely on a high level catering and pastry shop to obtain a refined and classy result embellished with unexpected and unforgettable flavors …after this just taste!


“Meet the expert”

We asked one of the cake designers we work with, Lea Grom, to tell about how she usually works on each new project and what advice would she give to couples that desire a special wedding cake and the perfect dessert table:

“After an initial discussion and budget evaluation, we can also sketch out several ideas, and then work from there to conceptualize a final design.

Like many creatives, we post my cakes in real time across social media, so couples can get a clear sense of our work and the types of cakes we specialize in. We suggest you also seek out online testimonials and reviews to complete the picture.

The most important thing that always sends us crazy is when couples take all the time and care to order the most beautiful cake imaginable and then don’t even get to try it.
So, at this point, we just have one piece of advice: Enjoy your day and please please don’t forget to eat the cake!”

Pictures  from Lea Grom

We work with passion and love what we do, which is evident in every single event we produce.

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