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Style my wedding in Sicily and Southern Italy in 5 steps

wedding in Sicily and Southern Italy

He made the proposal, you said “yes”, now all that’s left is to make the dream come true. If you’re looking for a film-like atmosphere for your big day surely you’re wondering: “how to style my wedding in Southern Italy?” Then, here 5 simple tips to keep in mind!

Enjoy the uniquely bountiful nature of Southern Italy.

Be it related to a deeper religious faith and sense of community, and of course historical cultural reasons the Southern opulence does have its indisputable charm. Thanks to a culturally rooted desire of celebrating and sharing joy and food, weddings in the Southern Italy often express a uniquely bountiful nature. Let yourself be inspired by the local traditions, the bright colors of fruit and flowers and the intense flavors of the food.

When it goes to planning the menu and flowers, go seasonal and forget your country customs. Part of the beauty in Italy is how closely intertwined locals are to seasonal changes. Embrace that you’re in Italy and about food as well as flowers it will often be cheaper and more authentic to go seasonal;

For the flowers consider using organic and local elements such as fresh rosemary, fruits and vegetables, chilies, prickly pears, lemons and olive branches.

Let your creativity flow and let yourself be influenced by the warmth and colors of a Wedding in Southern Italy.

When it comes to favors, consider something a bit more creative like small bottles of extra-virgin olive oil or limoncello and other local liquors, but also small custom tiles hand painted by local craftsmen and other local handicrafts.

Sticks to local traditions 

Your wedding day is for sure one of the most important days in your entire life, and getting married in Italy surely is just the icing on the cake. But if a destination wedding in Italy is already a dream, yet nothing compares to how tasteful and fun the experience is of getting married in Southern Italy… as long as one sticks to local traditions.

This is well demonstrated by the number of foreign VIPs choosing the lower part of Bel Paese to celebrate their wedding: from the Hollywood director Sofia Coppola who got married in the small village in Basilicata where her family came from, to the Eliot Cohen and Renée Sutton – daughter to the multi-millionaire Jeff Sutton – which chose Apulia, and then, just few months ago, the Italian rap-singer Fedez and his the popular fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni that said “I do” in the wonderful Baroque atmosphere of Sicily.

The country has hundreds of destinations that can make unique and unforgettable your big day, and not necessarily on a 6-figure budget. If you decide for a religious ceremony, you will choose from hundreds of breathtaking churches; small chapels overlooking the sea or immersed in the countryside or imposing baroque churches that the deep religious faith of these lands has made real treasures rich in decorations and works of art. The local tradition wants the bride to reach the church on foot, walking through the streets with people overlooking the balcony who wish her happiness; do not be surprised if walking down the street in your white wedding dress everyone who meets you want to wish you good luck, this is the warmth of a wedding in Southern Italy.

As well as, if you decide for a church in the heart of the town, most likely the locals will come to see the bride at the end of the ceremony

Keep in mind the culinary side, of course!

Whatever wedding venue you choose – be it an ancient private villa, an elegant restaurant on the sea or a beautiful “masseria”, a farm turned into a refined location – the food plays a major role!

Sure, follow your taste, but also let yourself be seduced by the local food and let the expert local chefs guide you in the choice of food linked to the territory and its traditions.

Right from the aperitif, your wedding dinner it will be a journey through local traditions and flavors. Don’t expect a few trays of canapès and basic finger food; the appetizers can include raw fish and shellfish, fried bites, oven-baked pizzas, the freshest cow’s milk mozzarella made on site by expert hands.

After this savory food parade, the proper meal is only about to start with the courses served at the table, including both meat and fish.

Cutting the cake doesn’t necessarily marks the end of eating: an abundance of fresh fruit, small local sweets or ice cream can match the official cake; The traditional confetti (almonds covered with a snow white sugar icing) are accompanied according to the region, with local delicacies in almond paste, figs dried in the sun and covered with chocolate, marzipan cakes in the shape of colourful fruits (Martorana), cannoli and more…

Traditionally, some specific sweets can’t miss a wedding in Southern Italy, the abundance of food before and after the wedding was once a symbol of the economic well-being of the family and still today is a gesture of generosity to the guest. So you can’t escape… and it would be a shame not to taste these delicacies

Don’t underestimate the help of a local wedding planner

For foreigners coming from abroad, hiring a wedding planner is ideal for helping navigate through sticky paperwork and contacting local vendors.

We will make sure guests get from point A to point B, to follow your timeline for the whole events (speeches during dinner, first dance, cake cutting, etc.), we can help your guests to orient themselves perhaps already from afar with a wedding website and on site with our suggestions; Essentially we can take care of all the details while you actually get to enjoy the planning before and the wedding day itself then.

For those coming from abroad who don’t speak Italian, it is highly recommended to have a point person, like a day-of coordinator, so that you don’t get inundated with questions on your special day. But more than this, if you like the idea of your wedding in Southern Italy like a journey in local traditions, no one like a local Wedding Planner can give the best suggestions to make it full of local flavor, to make it unique!

If you wish a symbolic ceremony, that just follows the civil wedding in your country, we can create a special ceremony in your language maybe adding just a touch of Italian color and matching poems by friends and special speeches together with Italian traditional musicians.

If you do plan on getting legally married here in Italy, this is when a wedding planner can be of great help to run back and forth to the offices to file your paperwork and ensure that you get the date you want.

If instead you wish to deeply immerse yourself in a traditional Italian style wedding then a religious ceremony in one of the beautiful baroque churches of Southern Italy is a must!

In this case we can help to find the perfect one, with also a priest that can celebrate in your language; more than this why not to add those important little touches of style as a beautiful and customised ceremony booklet in the same style of your wedding invitations?

The whole event will talk about you and your style just adding those Southern Italian details that will make it unforgettable for you and your guests.

Why photography is so important

After this festival of colors and flavors, after having customized every detail and deepened every aspect of how to style your wedding in Southern Italy, the one thing that remains more than your memories, are the photos. For destination weddings, it can be difficult to choose someone thousands of miles away but personally we would go local. As tempting as it is bringing someone abroad, unless you have someone particular in mind, hiring a local, means to have someone ‘in the know’ as far as fantastic photo-ops are concerned. A local photographer knows the places, the most spectacular and characteristic corners, but especially the light and how to highlight your wedding photos; they can also interact more easily with the locals to access special places or help you take a photo shoot immersed in the reality and daily life of the beautiful scenery of Southern Italy.

During the shooting you can just relax, feeling the sun, enjoy the sounds of nature. In few words: fully experience your wedding in Southern Italy!
Like Madeline and Giovanni in this stunning summer wedding which took place in Calabria.
They got married in a beautiful church in the very heart of a typical southern village with a wedding reception to follow on an amazing terrace overlooking the sea. Searching for the perfect wedding photographer they fell in love with the talented Rosita and Michele from Primo Piano Photografica Thank you guys for these beautiful pictures!

The particulars:

Photography: Rosita Lipari and Michele Lo Giudice from Primo Piano Photografica
Florals by: Hanami Atelier
Fittings and furniture by: NoiDueWeddings
Stationery: Auca Design

We work with passion and love what we do, which is evident in every single event we produce.

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