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Wedding in Verona

About this wedding certainly one of the main memories is the grace of the bride. Mona is a reserved person but whose eyes express a great sweetness; her wish, together with Patrick her future husband, was a romantic wedding with a classic and elegant style but with a strong connotation linked to their love for contemporary art.
For the ceremony they chose an intimate church on the shores of Lake Garda, while for the reception a luxury relais in the hills of Verona that boasts a large and refined collection of works by contemporary artists. We wanted to set up the dinner not in the main hall, as usually happens, but in the outdoor courtyard, transforming it into an enchanted garden under a thick curtain of lights.

The sophisticated palette of this wedding was based on neutral colors from white to beige and illuminated by glamorous touches of gold.



Photography by: Morlotti Studio Padova

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