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Mountain Tale Wedding

Two different cultures, but in some way complementary, those of Christian and Maki. She is Japanese with delicate and discreet modes, he is concrete and sincere as the mountains of South Tyrol.
like their couple, also the event’s design has resulted from the union between East and West, the ethereal and graceful East present in Maki and the strength of the Dolomites mountains where Christian was born.
The church for the ceremony is the beautiful Abbey of Novacella, surrounded by vineyards and impressive mountains.
For the reception we suggested an old Maso, a stone and wood house with an apple trees plantation and a vegetable garden. We add the elegance of gold candlesticks and flowers in pastel shades to the rustic warmth of the venue.
The colors are inspired to the earth and the green moss of the mountains matched with the lightness of blush pink and gold.



Photography by: Morlotti Studio Padova

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