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Colorful Elopement Venice

We firmly believe that a wedding in Italy is like a dive into the traditions and peculiarities of each specific area; this time we were inspired by the bold colours and the artistic soul of the most authentic Venice, with its secret gardens full of flowers and the colourful Venetian “murrina”, an ancient technique used only on the Murano Island by master glass-makers to create unique pieces with an always particular and original mix of colours.

The real Venice is unknown to most people, it is a Venice as intimate as its small squares among the palaces, called “campielli”, colored like its red walls, its carnival and its glass. We wanted an explosion of colors with a floral tablecloth, hand painted plates and wonderful handmade Murano glassware. The flowers, as freshly picked in the private gardens that dot the lagoon, have integrated harmoniously with all the other details as in a splendid Venetian murrina.




Photography by: Serena Genovese Photography

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