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Today’s Sicily wedding comes directly from the slopes of Mount Etna where romance meets wild nature. A good part of women dream about their wedding since they’re very young; about how stunning they’ll look in their wedding gowns, about how their handsome partner will look like and also about a breath-taking place where to tie the knot. Lavish ceremonies and beautiful receptions on the beach or in luxurious hotels are not hard to imagine, but we bet not many of you girls have ever thought about a wedding ceremony on a Volcano slopes!

Well, Kayla and Benjamin are not made for conventional venues and preferred a quite unique one for their intimate Sicily Wedding.

Curious? Our article about this amazing wedding on Mount Etna slopes will surely upgrade your wedding standards!


Southern Italy is a place rich in various landscapes, where you can easily choose among seaside spots, inland areas or mountain surroundings. Off the many environments available, Sicily also offers a well-known volcano, the Etna.

Etna’s influence over this region is undeniable and people of its surroundings have been living in the shadow of this majestic giant since the area was first inhabit.

A most famous Sicilian poet, Leonardo Sciascia, once wrote that Etna is like “an immense house cat who quietly roars and sometimes wakes up […]”; living at the edge of such an immense and powerful wonder of nature isn’t for everybody. This volcano is truly alive; its eruptions bring new land to the mountain which keeps on growing.

Such a volcano is certainly scary, but it offers a fertile land where to live and of course, stunning views and unique scenarios.

Kayla and Ben fell in love with this land and we suggested for their celebration a small vinery now renewed in an elegant Relais. The couple chose to rent it exclusively for their intimate Sicily wedding; in this way, they got to enjoy its facilities and its tasty wines with all their beloved ones for a more days long celebration.

This venue is one of many ancient dwellings on the slopes of this Sicilian volcano.

Entirely designed and strongly sought by her owner, this beautiful relais is a true gem in the Etna area and can boast an exquisite feminine touch, something quite unique in such a harsh and masculine land.

All around, the vineyards stretch out as far as the eye can see, bordered on one side only by the monorail of a small local train.

It’s called the “wine train”, can’t you imagine why? The slopes of Mount Etna, experienced at a slow pace of this old train, have a special flavour; it is a railway line that goes into the heart of the Etna Natural Park. It seems to be in a film; can you imagine something more characteristic than this to give a touch of authentic southern Italy style to your Sicily wedding?


In this charming venue, the typical bright colours of the Sicilian culture are mitigated by the more rural atmosphere proper of this area on the slopes of the Etna volcano. Here, the prevalent colours are smoother and bounded to its soil, its stones and the volcano ashes.

It’s a place where to get contact again with the simplicity of shapes. Looking at our couple’s wedding stationery in fact, you can indeed see the green of the relais’s vineyards and olive groves and the colour of its walls. They chose for a simple light olive green for their envelope and invitation cards, and kept the rsvp in antique white. A bronze wax seal completed the cards presentation.

Simple and natural details that suited the wedding location perfectly.

When we discussed about the colour palette for their Sicily wedding, Kayla and Ben chose a single elegant colour to match with the olive branches that we were going to use for the floral decorations: navy blue. It could both match the location and stood out against the stunning background of the vineyards; together with olive green and antique white it gave a special touch to all the event details.

Buttonholes’ strings, the bridesmaids’ gown, the groomsmen’s suits, the cocktail hours décor and Ben’s suit too were indeed navy blue. This colour enriched the wedding’s palette and gave a chic touch to the rustic green and grey of the background. Not even the smaller details left to chance, bridesmaids and groomsmen were simply perfect in their outfits!

Just have a look at all the pics here below; it couldn’t be any better, could it?


Ok, so far we covered bigger and smaller topics about this Sicily wedding on the slopes of a Etna volcano. But what’s every wedding biggest highlight?? Especially when talking about destination weddings in Italy?

Well, food of course!

Sicilian flavours accompanied Kayla and Ben and their guests during the entire wedding day.

First, during both the bridal and grooms party, the couple and their closest guests could enjoy the Estate’s wines and products. The girls in particular, enjoyed a glass of the tasteful estate’s rosé (which matched also their satin rose robes with floral patterns – how fancy!).

Then, at the Italian style aperitif, wines and products from the estate were displayed in cute vintage stalls adorned with strings of bulb lights; cured meats, dairy products, fresh fruit and several estate wines were at the guests‘ disposal and they all enjoyed. Aren’t you mouth-watering yet?

Last but not least, the dinner of this Sicily wedding was a real triumph of Sicilian delicacy!

Stuffed arancini, eggplant tarts, homemade lasagne, local olive oils, and Sicilian cannoli of course! …stuffed with fresh ricotta cheese. These were just few among the numerous deliciousness they all got to taste. I mean, they flew all the way from USA just for that, don’t they?! Oh well, for the bride and groom too of course!

Eventually, these are just a few hints about Kayla and Benjamin’s Sicily wedding on Etna slopes but it gave you a broad picture of how unique and chic a destination wedding in Italy can be. So swipe through and see why sometimes, simple and understated can be absolutely breathtaking.

If you wish to read more about our Sicily weddings, go through our other articles and stay tuned!


Photography by Caitlin Lisa

Video by SV Studio

Florals and rentals by NoidueWedding

Wedding Gown by Hayley Page

Bridesmaids dresses by Kleinfeld bridal party

Invitations by Margo and Bees

We work with passion and love what we do, which is evident in every single event we produce.

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