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The experience we have gathered in the luxury events allows us to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers, offering you a truly bespoke service. We provide personalized consulting services related to all aspects of your event and including the guests’ stay; you and your guests will receive all the necessary support to make your Italian days a truly authentic and pleasant experience.

Besides the day of your wedding, we plan all correlated events you may want to offer your guests a full experience, such as welcome dinners, brunches, pizza-parties, cooking classes and wine tastings, and anything else that may come to mind to make sure your guests have an unforgettable time.

Our concierge service includes support with the event’s logistics, accommodation, transportation, leisure activities and everything else to welcome your guests.



In a destination wedding there surely are many aspects to consider compared to a local wedding, but everything can seem at hand with our help. We know what it takes to produce an event that makes people feel pampered. We’ll provide you with a high level of service, on the days of your event as well as in the days leading to it. We provide customized consultancy services, concerning all aspects regarding your Italian days, offering a 360° assistance. The experience we have gathered in the luxury events allows us to satisfy the most demanding guests, offering you a truly bespoke service. Our concierge service includes the organization of the event’s logistics, such as accommodation, transportation, activities and everything else that concerns the welcoming of your guests and support during their stay.

We can help your guests with accommodation and bookings, plus we can help in creating a Website for you with all the info needed to make it easier for your guests.

If you can’t have all your guests staying in the venue you choose for the event we can find accommodation for them in the surroundings. We always propose at least three options for different budgets. Suggesting the accommodation to your guests will be also very helpful for the organisation of the transfers on the event day.

Besides the wedding day, we can plan any kind of correlated events, such as welcome and rehearsal dinners, brunches, and anything else that may come to mind to entertain your guests, making sure they have an unforgettable Italian experience.



The Italian tradition wants that before the event ends, the guests will be given a small gift to thank them and to leave a memory of that special day. Usually it is a small packet containing five sugar coated almonds which symbolize health, happiness, fertility, long life and wealth.

If you are planning a destination wedding in Italy from abroad you will probably want to marry this tradition as well as make a welcome gift to your guests.

As a thank you to your guests for joining you in the celebration, traveling from afar, our team will be happy to suggest the most complete and original welcome bags to be found in the room, or traditional gifts that introduce your guests to Italian flavours and style; elegantly wrapped typical and artisan products which immediately set the scene for your stylish event and Italian excellence.

Wedding Web Site


Our team can also create your wedding website, where you can add all of the useful information relating to the event and your Italian days, taking the weight of having to answer a thousand questions from your guests off your shoulders.

Events’ scheduling, such as time and place of each event, hotel suggestions and activities, dress code, and anything else that may help the communication with your guests and make it a pleasant and at-hand experience for them.

We work with passion and love what we do, which is evident in every single event we produce.
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