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Rose Quartz and Serenity inspiration

Two is better than one.. Rose Quartz and Serenity, two pastel shades, will be, according to an undisputed authority like Pantone, the colors of the year 2016; Rose Quartz is a delicate pink like the semi-precious stone, and Serenity, is a pale blue sky, light and chic. Both romantic, soft and with a sensual allure, they can be mixed creating a unique and balanced alchemy.

In other words, these two colors will reign supreme this year influencing design, fashion, beauty and lifestyle in 2016. And it is the first time that the “color of the year” is composed of two different tones. These shades, so delicate and lovey-dovey, according to Pantone experts are the reply to the need of these times to move away from the hectic pace of modern society, moving away at least with the eyes, from the emotional stress in recent months. A real color therapy!

And after all, many designers and stylists like Ermanno Scervino or Christian Dior already matched them in their ethereal spring clothes on the runway.

These two colors give a feeling of balance and safety thanks to the embrace between the warm pink and cool blue. Pantone chose this combination just like a challenge to traditional perceptions associated with colors. Pink prevails because its gentle but persuasive tone that expresses empathy and grace. Serenity completes it being light and airy like the blue sky above us and giving a feeling of peace and relaxation.

The double and mixed choice is meant to be in sync with “societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity, the consumers’ increased comfort with using color as a form of expression and opening our eyes to different approaches to color usage that challenge traditional color associations.”

The fact is that for sure soft colors are also gaining fans with brides-to-be… like Beatrice Borromeo that last Summer wore a pale pink Valentino gown to wed Pierre Casiraghi. Light blue has also fascinated celebrities like Halle Berry and Chanel Iman and was acclaimed on spring runways.

About the mix of such a different colors Pantone experts said: “It’s a delicate balance that exists between the two and they support each other. Support is an important word.” …May you think anything more significant for your wedding? So look at my selection below and let it inspire you, these two colors look really great together and can give to your wedding a unique and stylish touch.


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