The first thing to say is that a marriage celebrated in Italy is legal even in your country of origin

Style A Wedding will make the procedure of getting married in Italy even easier; we will give you precise information on the documents you need, we will organize the necessary appointments in Italy and we will follow you step by step in the entire process. These procedures are rather simple but they differ according to your country of origin.


Civil weddings in Italy are celebrated by a public official in the municipalities or some venues which have been granted special concessions. A civil wedding follows Italian laws strictly and does not consist of a religious blessing in any way. It is usually possible to personalize the ceremony with your own  vows and the music or your choice.

A civil wedding in Italy is juridically binding in any foreign country recognized by the Italian government.

The sites for civil weddings in Italy are usually highly fascinating; some municipalities also offer the possibility to celebrate weddings in the open in private villas and castles.


Catholic weddings only take place in consecrated catholic churches; it is not possible to celebrate catholic rites in the open except in a few particular cases. Where the priest of the church only speaks Italian, Style A Wedding will suggest someone who can celebrate it in your language. Precise documentation must be presented to obtain the authorization from the Curia of your country for a catholic wedding in Italy. Catholic weddings can be valid civilly or only religiously; religious documents (requested by Curia) as well as civil documents will be necessary.

Apart from particular restrictions according to your religion, Protestant, other non-confessional Christian religions or Jewish weddings can be celebrated wherever you wish, even in the open, in gardens and private villas. You should prepare civil documents together with religious ones. To make these weddings legal binding, a civil ceremony is necessary in your own country or Town Halls here in Italy before the ceremony. Style A Wedding will help facilitate every step of this important process.


Symbolic outdoor ceremonies, in gardens or private villas are highly requested; civil ceremonies in Italy are very common with citizens from abroad. The Italian municipalities where they take place are often very beautiful historical buildings; but if your dream is an outdoor ceremony it is possible to organize a blessing practically anywhere: in a garden, a villa, a vineyard, on the beach or on a snow-topped peak.

A symbolic ceremony can be personalized in every detail and we can suggest professional celebrants who can create a made to measure text for you with the readings and the music you prefer. The civil part can be done in the municipal the same day or the day before; it is quite common to have the civil ceremony in the morning, with perhaps your loved ones and the symbolic ceremony in the afternoon where the  reception is being held.

Alternatively many couples decide to have the civil ceremony in their own country and only the symbolic ceremony in Italy during the wedding reception.

Whatever ceremony you wish Style A Wedding will know how to help you and make it a reality.


Among all the choices to be made and the decisions you need to take it can be difficult to decide where to start. Please contact us to tell your wishes and expectations for your wedding day and just enjoy the emotion of these moments, we’ll do the rest giving each detail a unique touch of style!