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Wedding in Veneto and Friuli

The area between Veneto and Friuli is rich in prestigious villas, romantic castles and enchanting historical wine cellars.

These enchanting regions overlooking the sea between Trieste and Venice are similar in many aspects but at the same time each retains intrinsic features of great charm.

For your event you can choose between a noble villa or a castle immersed in the countryside or lying along the scenic coastline. These beautiful regions overlook the Adriatic Sea and are surrounded by high mountains, including the eastern Dolomites, and therefore offer many different scenarios for the celebration of your wedding.
Veneto is also known for the renowned wine areas of Valpolicella and Valdobbiadene; Friuli for the remarkable and picturesque Collio hilly area.

Veneto and Friuli have a very special history, given their geographical position as a border junction between Central Europe in the north, the Slavic regions in the east and the Italian peninsula in the west and south. They are therefore both very versatile regions able to satisfy many expectations, with snow-capped mountains, sandy coasts and rocky cliffs, remote alpine villages, sumptuous villas and scenic county estates.

Friuli and Veneto are among the most enchanting and less known areas in Italy, but they reserve many surprises.

There are so many historic and fascinating cities in these areas; in addition to the enchanting Venice, Veneto boasts historic cities such as Verona, Vicenza and Padua, the beautiful Treviso with its canals and numerous villages scattered throughout its territory.

Friuli is not to be outdone with its elegant and rich cities: Udine, Trieste or Pordenone as well as some cities of great historical importance such as the ancient Lombard city of Cividale del Friuli built by Caesar Augustus.

If you wish to get married in one of the beautiful locations in Veneto and Friuli or if you have a property in these regions and want to organize your event in the privacy of your own home do not hesitate to contact us to start organizing your event in style.

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