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Symbolic ceremony

Symbolic Weddings in Italy

Symbolic Ceremony is the easiest solution for couples that do not care about the legal or religious validity of the ceremony or do not have time to prepare all the documents.

A most interesting aspect of Symbolic Ceremonies is that they can be held everywhere, which means you can have your wedding ceremony and reception in the same venue, without any transfer. You can have it in a beautiful vineyard, a romantic Italian garden, a panoramic terrace by the sea.

More than this you have the freedom to personalize the ceremony in the way that best reflects your beliefs and personal style.

The content of a symbolic wedding ceremony is always tailored to the needs of each individual couple. The ceremony can then be traditional and full of references to your culture, or relaxed and unstructured.

A symbolic marriage ceremony can be performed by a pastor, a professional celebrant, a family member or friend, and you can include personal vows, poetries, favorite music and rituals of your choice. If you want it to be performed by a professional celebrant, we will provide the best officiants able to build a personalized ceremony and a text built around the both of you and the reasons joining you.

There are many special rituals that can make your wedding ceremony even more poignant, some are rooted in tradition, some others are modern alternatives. If you’re looking to put your own stamp on the event, choose a ritual that symbolizes the reason why you are there on that special day, since no two couples are the same.

There are really endless possibilities, because in a symbolic ceremony the only limit is your imagination; and we can help you to make your ceremony truly unique, like unique is your Style!

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