That’s Italy! We are in Italy where food is tradition, culture, history and passion. Good cuisine comes from good products: fish from our seas, fruit and vegetables and dairy products from our land, extra virgin olive oil DOP, citrus fruits, wine of the highest quality. Ours is a land rich in flavours and good smells which give added value to any wedding in Italy

Style A Wedding constantly looking at the details can do nothing other than promote chefs and catering capable of suggesting menus personalized at the request of the client but at the same time careful to respect the area and its traditions.

Every wedding reception must be personalized carefully, choosing the right catering and the perfect menu. The key words for a successful reception are seasonal and typical.


The tendency recently is a more dynamic wedding reception, which consists of different moments and no longer hours seated at a table.

A rich buffet of appetizers and finger food is preferred.  Rather than one table only there are little islands of themed foods like cheeses and cold cuts, fried fish and fried foods and lots of small, delicate tasters of traditional recipes reinvented with style.

We advise organizing these buffets in large spaces where the guests can move freely with enough time to taste the food in complete calm enjoying the splendid  frame that you have chosen for your reception.

We suggest comfortable lounge areas and small tables for the guests and waiters who serve from trays to support the buffet.

The first and second courses however can be served at table, in the reception room or under the stars if you have opted for an elegant outside dinner; usually Italian tradition requires a sorbet which refreshes and cleanses the palate between the first and second course.

The number of main courses will be decided on the basis of your preferences; today no more than two main courses are preferred with great attention to the quality and the taste of each dish and an eye on the harmony of shape and colour.

The wedding cake is often accompanied by a buffet of sweet finger food, mini fancy cakes and single portions are appreciated to allow every palate to be satisfied and more things can be tasted.

The traditional Italian wedding cake is one tier only, with fruit and Italian custard; however the more expert confectioners are able to satisfy every request and can create wedding cakes in the American style of more tiers.

Style A Wedding will suggest the most elegant solution and a personalized Cake Design on the theme of your wedding.


Wine is an important aspect of an Italian wedding and usually the best local wines are suggested to be matched with the dishes on the menu, of course specific requests and tastes are taken into account.


A special menu is always provided for children, but also for people with allergies, coeliac disease, vegetarians, vegans, etc…

Style A Wedding will help you to manage this important aspect so as to offer all of your guests  a classy reception in every detail.

The final number of guests and special requests must be communicated generally within two weeks of the wedding.


Professionalism, personalization, attention and sensitivity are the basic ingredients for a successful wedding reception.


Among all the choices to be made and the decisions you need to take it can be difficult to decide where to start. Please contact us to tell your wishes and expectations for your wedding day and just enjoy the emotion of these moments, we’ll do the rest giving each detail a unique touch of style!