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With Spring just around the corner, I want to share with you one of my very favorite bridal trends of the moment, which couldn’t be more prettier or perfect for the coming season, floral wedding dresses! A floral wedding dress will make your wedding day a blooming beautiful day and it’s the perfect choice for all the brides wishing to avoid the conventional and traditional white dress, or that simply want to make a style statement on their wedding day.

If there’s one trend that has just exploded all over the runways and new collections, it’s Bohemian style and flowers and floral prints. Combining gorgeous colors, full-length cascading blooms, pretty prints and water-color effects with bridal shapes and sophisticated fabrics, you get something truly spectacular!

I’ve seen so many pretty examples on the wedding web that I couldn’t wait to share my favorites with you in a roundup. And since for the first wedding of the season we are working on Bohemian theme and Spring is coming, there’s never been a better time!

I have a real passion for flowers: in bouquets, on cakes, along the aisle, hanging on reception tables, adorning chairs, etc. So for sure I love them on wedding dresses too. And here are my top tips on how to best wear them…


– Opt for ballgown shapes for the most romantic look. Full skirts and florals always look fabulous

–  If you want to get married in white but do not want to give up blossoms, choose to be playful and floral up top and classically white on bottom.

– For fuller figures, if all over floral might not be for you, think about keeping the pattern to just one part of your dress, to the end of your skirt or just on the top, and choose bigger blooms for a more complementary look.

– Likewise, petite brides should opt for smaller prints so that large flowers don’t overwhelm their figures.

– Keep the rest of your look simple, too much jewellery, long veils, or ornate hair accessories are inclined to look fussy with a patterned dress.

– If you’re wearing a floral wedding dress and you’re not involved in the groom suit search, just suggest him to move towards a black tie suit or to a single hue from your blooms for his tie; The kaleidoscopic effect if he’s going to wear a patterned shirt or tie could be really too much!

– Choose a single hue from your blooms, like fashionable blue serenity or rose quartz, for your bridesmaids dresses; if you opt for mix and match styles consider that different color dresses might look a little busy with your floral gown.

– A cute and unconventional choice could be to avoid clashing with your bridesmaids and opt for solid white dresses for them.

– Likewise, check the mothers of the bride and groom aren’t wearing clashing floral dresses, they may look odd beside your in the family photos.

– While they may not be in your budget, look to designers like Elie Saab, one of my favorite, and Dolce e Gabbana, that always are of inspiration and can help to find ideas on gorgeous floral wedding dresses.


And if now you are ready to get involved by Spring colorful brightness, take a look at my selection of amazing floral wedding dresses and beautiful alternatives to the traditional white gown! I had fun to combine them with colorful delicacies and Spring Flowers for a total dip in the color and flavor of this coming season.

From my side I can say that floral wedding dresses make my heart skip a beat! But I’d love to know what your pick would be, so please leave your comment below if you want.


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Pic. 1 – Elizabeth Filmore gown;

pic 3,9 – Dennis Basso gown;

pic 4,5 – Yolan Cris gown;

pic 7,8 – Elie Saab gown;

pic 10 – Dolce e Gabbana gown;


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