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Destination Wedding Tuscany Portrait

You already know how Italy can be absolutely breathtaking, now swipe through the gallery here below and find more inspo for an elegant destination wedding in Tuscany.

Tuscany and its countryside areas have been among the most wanted wedding destinations in Italy since forever. You just can’t get enough of these Tuscan hills and breath-taking landscapes, no matter how many times you have been there – and we never get bored to write about it either!

This time, our wedding couple chose a splendid villa on the Chianti region hills.

A Villa in the Tuscan countryside – 

Nestled in the heart of these most famous wine region, just few kilometres south of Florence, Villa Mangiacane is a magnificent 15th century property turned into a luxury 5-stars hotel. It can also boast paintings belonging to the Renaissance master Michelangelo and several works o hown all around the propriety.

The entire estate is made of two splendid buildings, Palazzo Machiavelli and Villa Mazzei, 2 relaxing pool areas and something like 600 acres of flourishing vineyards and olive groves.

Sounds good right?

Well, it’s absolutely no wonder that our couple felt in love with this venue for their elegant destination wedding in Tuscany; Zoe and Myles rented the villa all for themselves to have the most romantic wedding gateway in Tuscany. They chose the two most beautiful suites and had their bridal and groomsmen parties with style.

Have a look at these pictures! Feels like the perfect Italian fairy tale, doesn’t it?

Getting ready for the wedding

Getting ready to walk to the altar is always a very emotional moment, no matter if you are the bride or the groom; even the toughest will feel the tension. That’s precisely why we always suggest to spend the hours before relaxing and laughing with your beloved ones.

Zoe and Myles took this advise very seriously before their elegant destination wedding in Tuscany!

First, our beautiful bride started the day with a yoga session with her bridesmaids. The girls spent 40 minutes relaxing and meditation all together to set the vibes for the day! Then, they joined the rest of the ladies for a hearty breakfast in the beautiful loggia of Palazzo Machiavelli; there, overlooking the Villa’s vineyards, they relaxed and chatted cheerfully. As the time to say “I do” approached, the bridal party moved to Zoe’s suite; the girls got their matching robes on and started getting ready and practicing for the ceremony!

The boys did have a good start of the day as well! After having breakfast together, the grooms party chose for total relaxation for their boys time. And what’s more relaxing than a spa with all facilities available just for them? Myles did want the best for his groomsmen and retreated with them before saying “I do”; in this way, he did not get to see Zoe before the wedding as the two wanted to stick to tradition on your destination wedding in Tuscany.

Eventually, as guests started to arrive, the tension grew; our groom and his groomsmen welcomed them in the aperitif area while waiting for the bride and her girls to be ready. A couple of drinks, some pictures, small talks and then it was finally time; all guests took a seat, the music started to play and the groom was ready at the altar.

Now the bride could lastly come.

Outdoor ceremony and pool party aperitif 

On your elegant destination wedding in Tuscany imagine walking to your future husband and towards an altar placed in front of a beautiful vineyard. Your bridesmaids in front of you, all dressed in matching pearl grey sparkling dresses. Your family and friends are all there too, looking at you and smiling, or maybe even crying happy tears. Your future husband looking lovingly, standing before the altar.

This is the view Zoe had while walking to the garden in front of the vineyard to get married. Such an outdoor ceremony location did not need lots of decoration and the couple chose wisely and kept it simple; a white long carpet, an antique little table as an altar and a stunning view over the Chianti hills as a background.

After being pronounced bride and groom and enjoyed the confetti toss, the couple had a private shooting while all guests moved to the pool area, where a nice aperitif was held for them. Both background and live music liven up the moment as guests signed the guestbook and enjoyed taking selfie with the polaroids to have a memory of this elegant destination wedding in Tuscany

What they all did not know was that the best was yet to come!

Dinner in the courtyard and get the party started!

The reception is just as fundamental as the ceremony; it’s the very moment where all guests and the couple seat, relax and enjoy the atmosphere properly. The vibes are totally laid back and the key word is: enjoy!

The dinner area was the stunning courtyard in front of Palazzo Machiavelli. The top table was arranged in front of its beautiful staircase and the rest of the guests were seated in round table displayed evenly in the area. All tables were simply decorated with bouquets, grey linen tablecloths and candelabras. Plus, the bride prepared small gifts handmade by herself for all the guests to enrich this mise en place even more. A small stage was placed on one side as the dinner was lived up by live music, surprise performances and speeches.

Also the cake cutting show was a moment to be remembered as well! The Loggia made the perfect spot where to set the beautiful cake and a champagne pyramid for the couple. And after the cake, a surprise fireworks show to delight the guests was the perfect dinner end!

Last but not least, the party continued in the ancient cellar until late in the night! A perfect conclusion to any dream destination wedding in Tuscany!

The particulars

Wedding Planning Style A Wedding

Photography by kirandiraphotography

Video by vertigo weddings

Florals by Jardin divers

Lighting and music by Wedding Music and Lights

Wedding Venue Villa Mangiacane

Fireworks show by Pirotecnica Soldi


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