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While I absolutely adore talking about weddings, I also have a weakness for what goes around them, such as all the events leading up to them. A Bridal Shower sure plays a special role in the path that leads a bride to be to the altar! And I believe that just like the big day itself, a shower should be everything a bride-to-be dreams of… and more.
So in case of a destination wedding in Italy why not include also this step in a more days long Italian celebration? If you are looking for an unconventional party that is fun yet elegant, a chic shower that is less formal but still oozes glamour, or anything you could imagine perfect for you, Style a Wedding team has a lot of tips for you and your friends whishing plan the perfect Bridal Shower.


Best for: A small close group traveling from your country and maybe from all over the world if the destination wedding in Italy will bring together people who are not seen for a while.
Planning tip: If you’re worried about filling all of that time, let be inspired with our tips and plan the trip around day-long activities, like a private vineyard tour and a tasting of Italian wine and food or spa treatments…
Potentials and advantages: At home it is not easy to pinpoint a weekend or overnight when everyone can get away, but if you include the Bridal Party in a destination wedding all your loved ones will be around you. Everything will be easier and at the same time you will enrich your stay in Italy with experiences and emotions that last a lifetime.


There are many different ways to organize a bridal shower. You can choose to have a large or small guest list, single-sex or coed; also the atmosphere can be formal or casual… but at its heart, a shower is about friends and family coming together to honor the bride-to-be with gifts and memories that will accompany her in this unique moment of her life. And Italy is the perfect frame for an unforgettable Bridal Shower!
Style A Wedding team can help to create the celebration that reflects the bride-to-be personal style, whether having a day at the spa, or a cooking class to discover the Italian traditions, or a “desserts and coffee” wedding shower.
After listening your bridal shower ideas we’ll go beyond your imagination with our touch of Italian style!

Scroll down to dive into this dreamy bridal shower shoot and my planning tips to find your inspiration! The secret for a perfect party is to take the bride to be personality traits and turn them into a bridal shower theme.
So if the bride to be is in love with blush accents, soft details, feminine touches, a “desserts and coffee” wedding shower, inspired by the lavish afternoon teas of the Victorian period could be a traditional choice but with a touch of whimsical right for her. It can take place in the garden or the inside rooms of the private villa rented for the wedding, or in an elegant hotel so it can easily be scaled up or down for more or fewer guests. We can take care of recipes for elegant desserts and drinks, so as pretty ideas for invitations, decor, favors and fun activities with a relaxed and helpful time line to help you make it all happen.
And to not leaving out any detail, consider how nice it feels to receive gorgeously wrapped packages in the color scheme planned for the Bridal Party! So usually we love to arrange for guests fine ribbons and glittering decorations, decorated papers and elegant “To/From” cards to wrap tokens of friendship and well-wishing by the guests. Knowing the bride’s favorite colors and the style of Bridal Party I suggest to dress up the gifts accordingly, because style is in the details!


You could think that a Tea Party Bridal Shower is the most classic shower theme of all. Just because it’s a tried-and-true idea it doesn’t mean we can’t put our own creative spin and a personal style on it. We can create a bohemian vibe with colorful lanterns and low-slung seating or something more quirky and whimsical like an Alice in Wonderland theme, or also an elegant cream, gold and blush pink party with personalized macarons and pastries.
My Planning tip is to have guests getting into the theme with their attire by encouraging them to wear hats, gloves and any outfit in the color scheme or mood you wish.
In a white and neutral setting like the one in this shoot the ladies, in their fascinators and headwear, are the highlights of decor.
Traditionally big and strange hats are a sign of affluence, so wearing big hats in celebration I think it’s also a good wish for the bride to be rich with love and happiness.
Generally nothing says “bridal shower” like delicious sparkling refreshments. So Champagne on ice and fruit are always on the mood, but in a Tea Party Bridal Shower in the specific traditional fare, like tea cakes, pastries and fruit tarts, are the real stars, and what about the idea to set up a loose-leaf tea bar for guests to create their own take-home favors? It’s a cute idea, isn’it?
You can also arrange some fun games in theme, like a blind tea tasting, or make the shower a role playing game tea party where everyone plays a role and the bride has to solve a case or uncover a secret or a surprise.

No limit to imagination…just start from the bride to be personality traits to plan the perfect bridal shower.


Photographer – Morlotti Studio Venezia

We work with passion and love what we do, which is evident in every single event we produce.

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