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5 Essential Tips for an Italian summer wedding

I love summer and there is nothing better than an Italian summertime wedding! Can you imagine something better than the sun kissing your face with a blue sky and a typical Italian landscape backdrop?
But you may need to keep in mind a few aspects to get the most from your midsummer dream wedding in Italy.So here are the must-have advices I have picked up in my experience of wedding planner in Italy to full enjoy your summertime celebration!


Matrimonio in Tensostruttura


Once you decide the style of your wedding, if a ceremony with feet in the sand or a romantic celebration in the vineyards, you can focus on the perfect venue!
The WOW factor is important and breathtaking scenery almost certain in Italy, but one of the first aspects to be considered for an outdoor wedding is where each moment of your wedding day will take place; I suggest to choose a wedding venue with a gorgeous garden, lovely terraces or a wide lawn that can host your number of guests offering different frames for the ceremony, the aperitif, the romantic alfresco dinner and the dancing party under the stars. Moving through different areas makes more dynamic your celebration and allows to get the most from your Italian wedding venue.
Before to definitely fall in love with your wedding venue, finding out if it has a good indoor option available on your wedding day is a great way to stay within estimated budget and one less thing to worry about! weather and other similar unpredictable mishaps aren’t what this day is about.

…and if in the end it will rain, think that celebrate your love with your families and friends is what is going to make your wedding day memorable!

Also, in Italy we say: “wet bride lucky bride!” So enjoy the day whatever the weather


Wedding Bouquet Peonies

Peonies, tulips, hydrangeas, lilies of the valley, orchids and sweet peas…in a summertime wedding you have a whole range of possibilities, but these blooms may wilt incredibly fast. Think spritzing your bouquet with water is not a great idea because the water will burn the flowers and turn them brown.
So if having your wedding in the warm Italian sun is your dream wedding, talking about your ideas, goals, and setting reasonable expectations with a professional florist is a must in the wedding planning process.
Your bouquet have to look amazing for your walk down the aisle but also few hours later, so as the groom buttonhole, bridesmaids bouquets and all the gorgeous flower compositions that will adorn your wedding reception until late in the night.
This is why I always suggest to rely on a professional floral designer. Just gather together some beautiful flowers do not guarantee you that these will retain their splendour until the evening!
A professional knows all the tricks to preserve the beauty of your flowers to the last cheers.
For your bouquet, my little tip is to keep it cool until just before walking down the aisle; a refrigerator cell for vegetables, with a not too low temperature, it is a good solution, and both you get ready at home, or in a hotel or a Relais, generally this is something easy to do.


hair and makeup wedding

The watchword for a bride is glowing!
If already in everyday life it would be recommended to devote a bit of time to your skin, on the wedding day this has to be nothing short of perfect! With all the pics that have the bride as the protagonist, it is essential that the make-up is fresh and natural (no mask!) but also that it lasts all day long.
You may be agreeing with me that a bride have to look pretty more than on any other day, so on your wedding day it’s imperative to rely on the expert hands of a professional able to study the best products for your skin type, and the hairstyle that best fits your style and your wedding gown.
A professional make-up is a great option for helping your face stay camera-ready, no matter the weather conditions.


Wedding details

Summer wedding details

If your ceremony and reception is outdoors, then thinking about some ways of helping your guests beat the heat is probably on your to-do list.
Sunglasses, panama hats for guests or paper umbrellas matching your colour scheme are funny and great options, like programs and order of services that double as fans!  Also creating lounge areas for your guests to mingle before and after the ceremony helps set the tone.  Not least, a cocktail table under a tree is always very appreciate!
For sure too much alcohol when it’s a lot degrees doesn’t mix well with heat. So offering guests refreshments that aren’t alcohol-laden before the ceremony starts is a lovely and very appreciate idea.

Water with mint, citrus fruits or peach slices is a creative idea as is cold tea and lemonade with Italian lemons! Pretty it up with funny stirrers or ice cubes decorated with flowers and you’re off to a refreshing start! The best part is that you can also offer these types of drinks during cocktail hour and save money by placing those funds elsewhere, like that gorgeous dress you have been eying or your honeymoon around Italy!

Drink bars are fun for outdoor receptions and can really describe the wedding style because you can create them from scratch to your personal tastes and chosen set up!

We often set them up to be used for informal drinks before the ceremony or as a showcase bar during reception. Whatever the occasion there are so many great concepts and your guest will have so much fun enjoying them!


Country wedding ceremony

There are certain times of the day I clearly suggest to avoid. Think high noon. Not only is the sun harsh, but the heat index is at its highest. While you may enjoy the heat, wearing a Vera Wang wedding gown isn’t going to feel so amazing when it’s blazing outside. Not only the heat may not be comfortable for your guests but the harsh sunlight isn’t the most flattering light for those Vogue-like moments you want your photographer to capture!
So the afternoon is for sure a better option so as also sunset could be perfect! It’s incredibly romantic and it offers the best light to take pics of your Pinterest-worthy look.
But before you book your venue, talk to your wedding planner for the best suggestions to find the correct time of the day to say your vows!
Style A Wedding team is ready to be at your side for the whole planning, contact us and we’ll realize your perfect Italian Summertime Wedding!


Pics n. 3  captured by Mark Tso of Mark4Wedding Photography
Pics n. 1-2 – from 4 to 6 captured by Morlotti Studio Venice:

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